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About Us

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During my work in garden centres and speaking with customers I became conscious that there was a genuine demand for on-site horticultural and design help. Many people find it challenging to work out the correct plant placement and the types of plants that are right for their gardens. There are also many types of landscaping materials that may or may not work well for you and your garden. Landscaping decisions, if not well conceived, can have expensive but avoidable consequences.

We have created escape gardens to fulfil a long-held ambition to deliver well considered and planned gardens that will deliver positive results for our customers.We want to help you enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home and avoid the pitfalls that can happen with unplanned outdoor spaces.

Chris has qualifications and experience in horticulture, drafting, and spatial information technology.  He is committed to quality garden design and maintains and up-dates his knowledge through completing garden design courses. Our qualifications, experience and use of software designed specifically for landscape professionals will provide you with great-looking designs and plant selections for your garden.







Our charter - to value and respect our clients, to provide the best possible design and supply of garden related services and materials!