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Garden design not on a whim

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Designing a garden is not something that should be done on a whim.  


Australia has just come through a ten year drought, sadly these events occur on a semi regular basis.  You can bet that another drought will start again but nobody can say when.  A drought will have devastating effects on many gardens, not well suited to its local environment.  A challenge Australian gardeners have constantly battled since white settlement, European plants generally do not naturally do well, indeed native plants from Australia struggle when they are planted in areas they naturally do not grow in.

Designing a garden should take account of drought, weather and local climate extremes.  The recent drought has highlighted and shown that old fashioned plants used in gardens for over fifty years are still looking good after a ten year drought.  Many newer trendy plants are sold all over Australia and can be difficult to resist, gardens do follow fashion trends, with that comes some risk in planting failure.  A garden design should take account of potential planting failure that will be exacerbated with drought and many other factors.

A garden should be designed for its use.  Get the perceived use wrong and the garden design will be weakened, not to say the design will fail, but rather a garden needs to be re-designed throughout its life to account for new factors and requirements.

A good designer will take account of a client brief and also include many other factors very important to maintaining and sustaining a garden.


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