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Old Fashioned Plants

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Spiraea May bush

For many reasons Canberra is particularly harsh for plants and gardeners alike.  The soil can be very hard to get right often the soil is simply clay and  can be rocky.  Our climate is harsh in winter with freezing conditions over night, the summer is severe as many days and months have hot sun and drying winds and droughts can continue for years. Plant growers generally do not test their newly marketed plants for Canberra conditions and labelling does not provide the details required for gardeners from specific areas within Australia.

My suggestions include some very easy and simple ways to learn more about  what will be best for your garden.  Useful tips and tricks can be the difference between fail and succeed.

  1. Walk around your neighbourhood and pay some attention to the plants and garden styles that work best. and talk to the people who grow the plants, they will be more than happy to talk about their wonderful garden
  2. Public gardens also provide inspirational ideas, they are designed by professional landscape designers
  3. Visit your local nursery and have a chat with a horticulturist.
  4. garden designers are skilled in recommending the best garden styles and plants for you

Old fashioned plants can be the best performed plants, they can be less risky and better value for your money.  Many  new fashionable plants can perform poorly in Canberra often winter and sometimes summer will be too harsh, but it is for many reasons that plants and gardens fail.  A gardener needs to persistent and willing to try different methods and sometimes tria, error and risk need to be considered and balanced

Here are some old feashioned plants flowering right now in Canberra, these plants can be pruned very hard, will take severe sun and handle frost after frost, what more could you want.  You can cut and arrange the flowers for in a vase to brighten up the indoors.

Chaenomeles very hardy plant Flowering quince .


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