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Your New Garden

Whether you live in an apartment, villa, house or on a rural block we can help you design a garden for your needs and lifestyle.

It is possible to have an attractive balcony garden. We source and supply planter boxes, pots and water features specially designed for smaller spaces. Planter boxes and pots are supplied potted up with plants suitable for your space.

We design family friendly and pet friendly gardens. We apply personal experience and knowledge of horticulture to create a safe, non-toxic and ultimately enjoyable garden.

The possibilities for most gardens are limitless. We will work with you to explore design ideas including colour, texture, perfume, and garden styles such as cultural and edible gardens.

Escape gardens is flexible and we can work with you on what needs to be done now and what can be done later.

  • Consultations   ( 2 Articles )

    E-scape gardens offers an on-site consultation to give you the very best information.

    Consultations are for 1 hour and the $100 cost is rebated on your garden project if the scope exceeds $500.  If you are located outside of Canberra additional charges will be payable to cover travel costs.

    You will get an immediate indicative cost of the project with fixed costs arranged after agreement to continue with e-scape gardens.  Fixed costs will occur after full analysis of your site and requirements.

    We can advise on all design, construction and horticultural requirements for your new garden project and provide written advice.


  • Garden Design   ( 3 Articles )


    A garden design is a most important factor in creating a new garden, and there are many other aspects that need to be considered. Your requirements for your garden will guide the design process to the ultimate style.

    We also consider many aspects of planning including the management of soils, choice of materials for construction, drainage and many selection options for plants.  These important elements are included in project documentation and factored into the time required to create your new garden.

    Plans provided by e-scape gardens represent all information from consultations and illustrate every requirement, and capturing all constraints from the site analysis process.

    E-scape gardens can offer three concept plans to show our interpretation of your requirements and the site analysis.

    Final plans are produced using design software that includes 2D and where appropriate 3D plans and section drawings.


  • Garden Presentation   ( 1 Article )

    This is the final stage in realising a brand new garden, where the garden starts to have a softened look.

    Plants identified in the design process are sourced, supplied and planted for you.  We source plants directly from growers to ensure quality and value for money.  Where possible we source plants from growers within the local region.

    To complete your garden, we can also source and supply decorative planters, pots, water features and ornaments for that special finish.



Our charter - to value and respect our clients, to provide the best possible design and supply of garden related services and materials!